Study in USA

If you plan to study abroad, let me tell you that the USA is one of the best destinations ever. With the most number of globally ranked universities globally, the USA tops the list of almost all students’ study-abroad dreams. Nobody should be explained the USA's place in terms of science, technology, innovation, and everything else. They come first almost always. As the global STEM leader (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math), these courses are naturally in high demand in the USA.

Why Study in USA?

The USA has some of the best colleges and universities globally, and it is a good thing that they provide good quality education. Everybody has a different reason for choosing the USA as their dreamland. A few things that make the USA a better choice are:

An array of the best universities:

The USA is home to over 5000 universities, and most are ranked the best in the Global University Rankings. A few universities would include Yale University, Harvard University, Cornell University, Columbia University etc.

Degrees accepted worldwide:

A degree from the USA will land you in a better place. If you are looking for a degree next, you will find how valuable it is. On the other hand, if you are looking for a job, you will find it easier to land a better-paid job in the USA or any other country.

Career opportunities big and wide:

A degree from the USA helps you get a better job. You also have the option to do internships to have an experience certificate that will be valued both in the USA and abroad.

Flexible education system:

The USA provides a more flexible opportunity for education. If you are doing your Bachelor’s, you need to decide on the subject for your Master’s only in your second year. There is no pressure to choose it in the first year itself.

Choose based on your ROI:

If you take an educational loan for your studies in the USA, you will have to pay relatively good interest. If you cannot pay it on time, the interest may pile up. So, choosing a university based on ROI will help you survive an economic downfall.

Cheerful campus life guaranteed

You will see many of the best universities in the USA, and there will be students from all cultures. This will help you understand more about the life outside and provides you with the best campus life.

Exclusive support for international students:

The universities in the USA provide support in various forms exclusively for international students. The language workshops, orientation programs etc., will make it easier for the students.

Earn some extra bucks:

You can work 20 hours during your semester on a part-time basis, and during the semester breaks, you can work for 40 hours. This will help you earn some money and help you with your finances.

Cultural diversity:

The USA is a hub of several cultures intermingling. You can interact with and be friends with students from several different countries, which will help you know more about several cultures. This can, in turn, help you feel less homesick as well. Networking opportunity: Unlike in India, professors in the USA are more open to discussion and debate. This will help get valuable advice as well. The conduction of career workshops and counselling sessions will help you get a better chance of employability. According to the QS World Employability Rankings 2020, the universities in the USA rank most in terms of employability.

Student Visa for USA from India

F1 Student Visa: This is the most common visa which provides part-time or on-campus employment and provides Optical Practical Training (OPT) for a year.

J1 Student Visa: It is for students acquiring practical training and provides the same employment benefits as the F1 visa.

M1 Student Visa: The applicants will not be able to work with this visa.